The Mosaic Institute’s Young Canadians' Intra-Jewish Dialogue series provides young Jewish Canadians (aged 17 to 35) with a guided platform to have constructive discussions about issues affecting this demographic today, build trust and respect with one another, foster mutual understanding, and work together on common strategies to help advance a pro-peace Canadian agenda.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Mosaic Institute's Young Canadians' Intra-Jewish Dialogue. Please note there is limited space available for this event. If you are interested in attending, please answer the questions below.
The Young Canadian's Intra-Jewish Dialogue uses the Mosaic Model of Dialogue to foster greater social cohesion and inter-community understanding among youth. These dialogues are community-driven and informed by diverse lived experiences. Please read more about the Mosaic Model of Dialogue at the following link:

Please read the Mosaic Institute's Young Canadians' Intra-Jewish Dialogue's Statement of Values below. In order to participate in the dialogue sessions, you are required to agree to the conditions outlined in the document.

Statement of Values for the Mosaic Institute’s Young Canadians' Intra-Jewish Dialogue:

The organizers of the Young Canadians’ Intra-Jewish Dialogue subscribe to the following general statement of values:

1. As Canadians, we are committed to fostering peace, reconciliation, and the promotion of pluralism both in Canada and around the world. Canadians’ commitment to peace is reflected in part in our efforts to build a society that celebrates diversity and that upholds the equality of all people regardless of their country of origin, cultural background, faith, tradition, language, or political views.
2. We come together to build on our shared Canadian identity, as well as on our identities as Jews with a strong connection to Israel. We hope to use this Dialogue as an opportunity to both highlight what brings us together as well as to better understand and respect our differences.
3. The focus of this Dialogue is to strengthen our own Jewish communities in the Greater Toronto Area so that we are in a better position to engage effectively with other communities across Canada.
4. We hope that this Dialogue will be an opportunity to bring people within our community who hold different views vis-à-vis the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and relations in the Middle East closer to a“common ground” in ways that can contribute to a more cohesive Canadian Jewish community.
5. We believe that the pursuit of peace should not be impeded by partisan politics. Jewish values are non-partisan.
6. The Canadian Jewish community is broad and diverse. We value that diversity. We have come together because we deeply care about the community’s well being and wish to create a space in which we can come together to discuss issues that have polarized the Canadian Jewish community.
7. We believe that, while governments are vital contributors to peace building, Canadians who are informed - and particularly those from diaspora communities familiar with conflicts or tensions in other parts of the world – also have an important role to play in enhancing relations between communities,whether at home or abroad. ​Therefore, we believe that Canadians with personal, familial or community-based connections to Israel or to the Jewish diaspora at large have a shared interest in promoting peace in the Middle East in general and in Israel/Palestine in particular.
8. Any discussions that we have should be polite, respectful and involve listening with open hearts and minds. It is essential that all dialogue participants feel welcome and safe, and that mutual confidentiality be respected and assured.
9. Improving relations between members of the Canadian Jewish community who hold different views will require the unrelenting goodwill, passion and creativity of people who believe that it is never the wrong time to pursue and create the conditions that will ensure lasting peace and harmony. By pursuing common efforts to identify and recommend specific responses by young Canadians of Jewish descent to the ongoing challenges and opportunities facing their community, Canada’s mosaic will show its true value.
10. Our purpose in convening a dialogue about issues that we believe are important to the Canadian Jewish community at large does not seek to advance a particular agenda. Rather, dialogue participants are called upon to listen with empathy, respectfully exchange diverse points of view, and engage in civil discussions that demonstrate a commitment to learn from each other and encourage cooperation.
11. While dialogue for its own sake is valuable, dialogue that results in identifiable, positive changes in behaviour is far more so. The organizers of the Young Canadians’ Intra-Jewish Dialogue are committed to identifying, supporting and bringing to fruition a joint community service project that will demonstrate their common commitment to the values underlying this initiative.

All those who share these same values are welcome to participate in the peace dialogue. Anyone who, by their words or actions, derogates from these values may be excluded from participation.

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Please visit for more information about our upcoming Young Canadians' Intra-Jewish Dialogue Sessions and other events and programs. The next dialogue session will consider policy issues affecting the Canadian Jewish community.

Thank you for your interest in Mosaic Institute's Young Canadian Intra-Jewish Dialogue. As there is limited space available for this event, we will email you shortly indicating whether you have been registered as a participant. If you have any questions, please contact Allie Shier at

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